padrinar un animal salvaje

Sponsor Susanna the Barn Owl

Sponsor Susanna the Barn Owl and help her to have the daily contact with people she needs so much.
You will also support her daily exercises to keep her well entertained in her old age.

Sponsor Martí the fox

The fox Martí received a severe blow to the head. It almost cost him his life and he lost his sight. Show this young fox that humans can do good things too. Sponsor him. 🙏🦊

Sponsor the wild boar Ariel

🐗 Ariel is the ambassador of all the wild boars that come to the refuge. By sponsoring the wild boar Ariel, you will collaborate in her care and happiness, and also in the construction of the new space for the wild boars. Thank you! 🙏

Sponsor Alfonso the Raven

Alfonso is the representative of all the corvids that come to the Zoo of the Pyrenees. Regardless of whether they can return to the wild or whether they have to stay with us for life. Sponsor him and help hundreds of birds that arrive to us every year.

Apadrina zorro Nikki

Sponsor the fox Nikki

The female fox Nikki is the representative of all the foxes that need your help. She was orphaned. She grew up in a house with a dog. Why is she in the refuge 💕?

Gineta Helen

Sponsor Helen the genet

Helen the genet was blinded after being hit by a car. She will now have to live in captivity for the rest of her life. Sponsor Helen, your money will go towards the construction of her new home. 💕

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Sponsor animals

To sponsor animals that have been victims of human action is a great way to change the life of a living being and to do your bit for a good cause.

What will your contribution be used for and what will be your benefits as godparent?