Sponsor Ramona the hedgehog

Sponsor Ramona the hedgehog

Name: Ramona

Species: European hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus)

Age: ?

Arrival date: 15/03/2023

Where she came from: Wildlife Center Torreferrussa

Why she lives in the refuge: Ramona is blind

What she likes: Ramona is very curious, she likes to explore and climb rocks.

Dislikes: Although she is covered with spikes, she does not like injections.

Photo: Enric P脿mies

The life of Ramona the hedgehog

Where she lives

The hedgehog Ramona has her space in front of the installation of the fox Bicho.


Although she has demonstrated that blind hedgehogs can survive in the wild (their hearing and smell are excellent), Ramona’s advanced age does not allow us to return her to the wild.

Spiked ball

Hedgehogs do not like to be touched. Luckily our veterinarian Laia has her tricks to unwind this little ball of barbs.

Her life in the refuge

The hedgehog Ramona’s space is part of the guided tour. But in winter Ramona lives in the clinic.

Her caretaker is Stania.


Ramona the hedgehog loves to climb on high places.

Unfortunately she is no longer as agile as when she was young.

A gourmet

Ramona prefers cat food to eating meat.

She also likes worms and has eaten all the snails in her facility.

Other hedgehogs

Every year our refuge helps the Wildlife Center Torreferrussa with the release of the hedgehogs rescued in this entity.

Sponsors’ contributions are also used for this task.

Sponsor hedgehog picto

What will your contribution be used for?

Ramona is the representative of all the hedgehogs that come to the Zoo of the Pyrenees. It doesn’t matter if they can go back to nature or if they have to stay with us for life.

Who will you help?

Ramona the hedgehog

In the wild she would not survive even a week.

Rescued hedgehogs

You will help in their previous adaptation and release into the wild.

Injured hedgehogs

Hedgehogs that have suffered an accident and need veterinary care before returning to the wild.

Apadrina erizo

Hedgehogs help people.
They hunt mice, eat snails and also insect larvae.
Help them.

Thank you for your support!