Stania Kuspertova

Name: Stania Kuspertova

Role at the zoo: Founder and director

In which activities you will find me: Birds of Prey Show / Owls Experience / Falcons Experience / Falconry Course

What I studied: Baccalaureate in the Czech Republic

What I like: Animals and birds of prey in particular. Be with them, help them if they need it and learn from them. Pass on my knowledge to people interested in nature protection.

What I don’t like: Hypocrisy.

My personal challenge: Secure enough income so that we can continue to help animals.

My life before the Zoo of the Pyrenees


This is me: one of the happiest moments of my childhood. I was born in the Czech Republic, in a small city of 8,000 inhabitants. Since I was little I have loved animals, and by then it was clear to me: I wanted to be a veterinarian.

I’m leaving home

I was 17 when I came into contact with falconry. The reason had green eyes, long hair, and was 19 years old; his name was Jan. Me, in full puberty and totally in love, I left home. Jan and I went to Germany to work in the largest falcon breeding center in the world.

My family

But Jan was not happy in Germany and, after 2 years of relationship, we took different paths. I stayed and lived a happy life, surrounded by hawks and nature. As time went by I married the owner of the company and we had three wonderful children (Martin, Anna and Lukas).

The Peregrine Foundation

We traveled a lot. We had a very nice time in the United States as guests of the founder of «The Peregrine Foundation». There I learned that if a group of great entrepreneurs who care about nature join together, great things can be done to save species.

Travel to Arab Countries

But obviously most of our trips were to Arab countries. I learned to respect the arabic culture. But I also saw that if you have money you can get whatever you want. Regardless of whether your intentions are in accordance with the global protection of species or not.

Problems in Germany

Unfortunately a company dedicated to the breeding of mushrooms set up right next to the falcon breeding center. To save money they did not put filters in the cultivation halls. The air filled with spores and spore toxins, invisible but deadly to the falcons. We had to leave our home in Germany.


But there is no cure for moldy lungs. The falcons died because they couldn’t breathe. To save our animals we made a desperate decision. My husband had a property in the Catalan Pyrenees; we transfer the entire company there as quickly as possible.


A part of the falcons still died due to the consequences, but little by little hope returned to us. We saw that many of them had a future. But I was restless. I wanted to do more for wild animals. I wanted my life to have meaning. Finally I decided to take a step forward, separate and start a new period.

Zoo of the Pyrenees

I met Eloi. (Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am also divorced.) It took us 3 1/2 years to gather all the permits to be able to open the refuge. Among the whole family, we built the first zoo facilities in just 6 months. We opened our doors to the public on June 21st, 2014.

My work at the Zoo of the Pyrenees


Responsible for carnivorous animals.

Trainer of raptors.

Responsible for communication.

Responsible for ensuring enough income so that we can continue to help the animals.

Responsible for conservation projects.