I want to be part of the life of animals

So that the animals can return to nature.

From 鈧10 per month as a member you will support the rescue center.


To give animals the life they deserve.

From 鈧5 per month as a godparent you will participate in the expansion and improvement of the facilities.

helping animals by projects


Your donation will go where we need it most right now.

Support projects

So we can help more animals.

As a sponsor

From 鈧1,000 per year also available for companies.


With 鈧1 monthly for food and medication.

Our work

Center for rescue, recovery and release of wild animals

Projects for the conservation of the natural habitat of Catalonia

Breeding and reintroduction of protected wild animals

Environmental education in schools and at the Zoo of the Pyrenees

Helping animals with a benefit in return

Learn about our unique activities with wild animals.
With the price you pay for the tickets you will contribute to the daily care of all its inhabitants.
During the activities you will enrich the day of the animals living in the refuge.

芦The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way it treats its animals.禄
Mahatma Gandhi