Animal refuge in Catalonia

Refugio de animales a Catalu帽a

It’s not about us, it’s about you.
Become the hero and heroine of this story.
If you don’t help, who will?

Our work

orphans arriving at the wild animal refuge
The wild boar Porqueta was found next to the corpse of her mother.

1. Rescue and recovery center for injured, mistreated or orphaned animals.

We believe that every life is valuable. Both protected and hunted animals arrive at the rescue center. No distingim entre esp猫cies i els tractem a tots igual amb la m脿xima responsabilitat.

Si es posible, devolvemos a los animales sanos y fuertes a la naturaleza.We do not distinguish between species and treat them all equally with the utmost responsibility.

Rescue center financing

They are the generous partners and godparents who make it possible to save the lives of the animals.

The rescue center has high expenses. Animals struggling to survive need medication, surgical supplies and special food.

We provide the animals with the necessary care, but the real heroes of the story of each and every animal are the members and the godparents.

Become the hero and heroine of those who have no voice of their own.

Do you prefer to start slowly? Enter the Teaming page, a secure platform, join our group and help us with 鈧1 per month!

Thank you very much!

Refuge for wild animals unable to return to the wild

Sometimes returning animals to the wild would be condemning them to certain death. In this case we give them a new home and take care of them for life at the wildlife refuge.

refuge for animals with life-long injuries
The Sika doe has a dislocated hip. She arrived too late in order to set the bones correctly.

How is the wildlife refuge financed?

Running the refuge is the biggest expense we have. It includes food, daily attention to the animals, adaptation of the spaces to the needs of each inhabitant, as well as the expansion of the refuge, since more and more animals are coming to us for help.

Since we do not count on the economic help of the administration, right now we cover most of these expenses with the visitors’ entrance fees, but there are many months in which we close in negative numbers.

That’s why we need you!

Refuge for humanized animals
Susanna the owl has arthrosis. As long as her health permitted, she participated in the birds of prey show. Today her illness no longer allows her to fly.

3. Environmental education

Many animals that stay in the refuge for life have altered behaviors. They are humanized. For their well-being they need daily contact with people.

They participate in educational activities oriented to the public. Visitors are amazed while we explain interesting things about nature protection, and at the same time the animals receive the attention they need to feel good.

How do we finance environmental education?

Working for the public is how we earn the most money. We cover the running costs of the Zoo of the Pyrenees Foundation with:

  • Visitor’s tickets
  • Gift vouchers
  • Sales in the charity store and in the bar
  • The invoices we issue for groups and schools

We also use this income to pay for the rescue center and the refuge, along with membership and sponsorship fees.

Do you think it is impossible? Come and visit us. You will experience it first hand.

4. Nature conservation projects

We participate in nature conservation projects. But it is not enough for us: We want to create whole natural spaces where people benefit from the harmonious coexistence with wildlife.

We know how to embrace the problem, but we need a strong community by our side to carry out this project.

Animal refuge work
We participate in the scientific monitoring of wild cats in Catalonia, among other projects.

How are nature conservation projects financed?

At the moment we also finance them from the environmental education 芦pot禄. Unfortunately, this situation is not sustainable. We are exhausting our reserves.

Now it’s your turn

Become the hero and heroine of this story

Fight alongside us and many others who are already part of our community. Protect the animals. Inspire others with your attitude. If you don’t do it, who will?

Make the rescue of wild animals possible

You have two options. Choose the one that identifies you best. Your minimum monthly contribution is 鈧10 if you become a member, and 鈧5 if you sponsor an animal.

Do you prefer to start slowly? Enter the Teaming page, a secure platform, join our group and help us with 鈧1 per month!

Come and visit the animal refuge or give the visit as a gift to someone else.

Live with us the fight for every living being in need of help. Meet the animals you are helping to save. You will participate in unique activities where you will be in direct contact with the animals.

Our mission

Create a community that respects nature,
that understands the vulnerable balance that reigns over the environment,
a community that fights to protect it.

The protection of nature for us
means much more than discussing the problem.

It is a transformative life change.
It is the education of our children.
It is done locally, nationally and globally.

This is the heartbeat of the Zoo of the Pyrenees.