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Sponsoring animals that have been victims of human action is a great way to change the life of a living being and to do your bit for a good cause.

Even so, we at the Zoo of the Pyrenees would like to show our appreciation for your efforts to improve the lives of defenceless animals.


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At the Zoo of the Pyrenees we rescue wild animals. We do not distinguish between species. Every life is precious and we all have the right to live: humans as well as animals. The costs are immense.

Animal refuge in Catalonia

Our work Rescue and recovery of injured or abused animals Refuge for wild animals unable to return to the wild Breeding and reintroduction of animals into the wild Environmental education and awareness Open to the public 365 days a year About us If you want to know better who we are, click on the names … Leer más

Alimentos para animales

Food for animals

What is waste for youcan be an exquisite meal for our animals. Animal food bank What type of food do we need? And in what condition it should be? Dry bread Dried bread and even the crumbs that fall when you cut the bread.   It can’t be mouldy bread, it could seriously affect the … Leer más