Save Animals that have suffered Traffic Accidents

Sponsor an X-ray machine

Help us save animals injured on the roads. If we don’t do it, they will die abandoned in agony without help.

We, people, like speed, but it shouldn’t have to come at the cost of innocent lives.

Sponsor an X-ray machine for our wildlife rescue center. We have invested €11,068 for the clinic till now and we have no more money left for this essential tool.

The cheapest X-ray machine we have found is €10,769.

Photo: Sika deer with dislocated hip waiting for your help. Without the X-ray machine our hands are tied.

What animals will benefit from an x-ray machine?

Animals injured on the roads

1 hour can be decisive on animal dying or surviving.

Oscar suffered a collision on the highway. We heal his infected wounds. We have released him, but he has decided to stay in the zoo enclosure. Sometimes he scares us by running into us from his hiding places.

Orphaned offspring

Orphaned youngsters have low defenses.

The X-ray machine will help us identify quickly problems in emergencies.

The little roe deer Ignasi suffered from breathing problems. We do not know for sure if the X-ray machine would have helped us save his life, but we will always have that doubt. Please help us and help them, the animals.

Victims of poachers

The x-ray will help us quickly identify their injury and decide the right treatment.

We couldn’t save a leg of a genet Andreu after him having fallen into an illegal trap. Today he lives with us at the Pyrenees Zoo and although he only has 3 legs he can climb the branches.

The seniors of our shelter

Our “grandfathers and grandmothers” suffer discomfort as they get older.

The x-ray reveals us their bone problems but also issues of certain organs.

The golden eagle Bella cannot move one wing. We can’t heal the broken wing but we have to check if it doesn’t affect her back.

Why we need an X-ray machine

Animals die on the roads every day. Some are “lucky” to end up “only” injured. People who find these animals often do not find a place where they are willing to take these animals in and care for them until their full recovery.

At the Pyrenees Zoo we believe that every life is valuable. We take in animals that other wildlife rescue centers cannot take care of.

But we need the right tools so that Laia, our veterinarian, can help them. We have built a veterinary clinic with a quarantine space and a basic equipment for operations. But we are in dire need of an X-ray machine.

The veterinary clinic where Laia does the operations.
The quarantine room for the animals that need intensive care.
We often work in field to reduce stress of the animals.

And yes. We know it’s irritating to have your car wrecked by an animal by on the road. But we can assure you that they are not to blame. Animals perceive spaces as their natural habitats. We cannot incriminate them because the humans have crossed their territories with roads. They are the first interested in not crashing into your car. You get upset, but they pay with their lives.

Many people get upset about finding wild animals on the road.
A dead female roe deer on a road.

X-ray machine price

The price of the cheapest portable X-ray machine we have found:

Brand: Digital Indirecto CR Fuji Dinario T2

Price: €10,769 (the price includes VAT. We, as a NPO, cannot deduct taxes and we have to pay the price with VAT included.)

If you want to receive more information, please contact us as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more innocent lives will be lost.

Please help us with the purchase of the X-ray machine.
Your generous gesture will save lives of many animals.