Wild Souls Community

Join the Wild Souls community, a community of extraordinary people who are committed to a future for all living beings. They are people who stand by our side in the fight against injustice and ignorance towards wild animals.

They help us financially or by volunteering their time.

Who are members of the Wild Souls community?


With a monthly fee they ensure the feeding and welfare of the animals that cannot return to the wild.

sponsor a wild animal
Susanna the owl has had osteoarthritis since she was young. In the wild she would die. We take care of her for life.


With a monthly fee they participate in the rescue fund for wild animals in urgent need of help.

Sponsor roe deer Nort
The little roe deer Nort spent a few weeks at the Zoo of the Pyrenees until his emancipation and reincorporation into the wild.

Key people

People who are involved in our project in a significant and disinterested way.

Arnau and his family transport animals from CF Vallcalent (Lleida) to the zoo. Occasionally they stay to help with the training of the animals.

How to join the Wild Souls Community?

When you subscribe as a member or godmother, you confirm on the form that you want to receive the exclusive newsletter. No, don’t worry: we don’t want to burden you with ads: it’s simply the only way to keep in touch while respecting the data protection law.

If you forget, no problem, you will have the possibility to sign up from a link in the welcome email that we will send you later.

Donation certificate

You will receive your membership or godparent certificate by e-mail.

You can deduct up to 80% of your donation in your next income tax return. For example: if you give €200, only €40 are paid by you and €160 are returned to you by the State.

You can choose your solidarity t-shirt when you arrive at the refuge.

You can participate in the Guided Tour free of charge for as long as you collaborate.

Learn about the exclusive activities for Wild Souls and Teamers.

You will receive a personal invitation to the annual Wild Souls meeting at the Zoo of the Pyrenees.

We want you to see where your money is going. In the magazine you will find our achievements and problems, planned and/or completed tasks, exclusive news and the Foundation’s finances.

Video icon

We will share with you the stories of the animals so that the godparents can keep abreast of how their godchild’s life is going.

Each month you will receive an educational booklet about our wild neighbors so you can learn with us.


When we are stuck on a decision, we will ask you to help us by voting among the members of this community.

You will see what an action-packed roller coaster you will experience with us!

Remaining in the Wild Souls community

Remaining in the Wild Souls community

A. Financial collaboration

  • Monthly payments: As long as the economic collaboration lasts.
  • Annual payments: During the following 12 months from the donation. If it is not automatically renewed, we will contact you before the end of the period to ask if you would like to renew your contribution for another year.

B. Key people

We invite to join the Wild Souls Community people who help us in a significant and unselfish way in some aspect or work of the refuge. The permanence will depend on the interest of each person to continue collaborating.

Unsubscribe yourself

To unsubscribe from the Wild Souls Newsletter simply click on the «Unsubscribe» link in the newsletter. This automatically terminates your participation in the community.

But be careful!

To cancel your financial contributions you must write to us and expressly request the termination of your financial support. For more information, please see our donation policy.

«Respecting animals is an obligation,
to love them is a privilege.»