Join our partners and save innocent lives

Become a member of the Zoo of the Pyrenees Foundation. Stand with us in the fight to save innocent lives.

Animals don’t have a voice of their own, be their advocate.

There is no time to lose. Every hour you hesitate can end up being a life lost.

Membership benefits

Where your money will go

Animals you will help save

  • Animals injured in traffic accidents
  • Hatchlings fallen from the nest
  • Orphaned offspring
  • Unfortunately, also babies separated from their mothers due to public misinformation.

Veterinary care

Laia Sanchez Golobart, veterinary at the Zoo of the Pyrenees Foundation.
  • Medicines, specific feed and veterinary equipment
  • Equipment of the veterinary clinic (we urgently need an X-ray machine).
  • Cost of veterinary care

Laia is a great wildlife professional with a lot of experience. Although she is paid the minimum possible wage, labour costs are high for our conditions.

24/7 Attention

Stania works day and night to ensure that the animals are cared for.

Both babies and injured animals need 24/7 care. If you take your pet to a vet, you will be charged for it on the bill.

Wild animals do not have an owner who pays for them. We receive no help from the administration to save the lives of the animals.

Please help us to cover the costs. We work very hard with few resources. The situation is not sustainable without your help.


sponsor a wild animal
Volunteers who are part of the Natural Carriers group

To save lives it is crucial to act quickly.

Rescue trips that cannot be covered by the Natural Carriers are done by us.

Fuel costs have been skyrocketing lately. In addition, the human resources needed for these trips, which cover the whole of Catalonia, must be added.

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If you would like to participate with a higher fee, please contact us directly.

Your benefits as a member of the Zoo of the Pyrenees Foundation


The membership   card will be sent to you in digital format by email.

Monthly report

You will always be informed about where your money is going. Each month you will receive a report with exclusive data, photos and videos.

In order to legally send you this information we need your explicit consent. You will receive a personal invitation to subscribe to the Wild Souls Newsletter.

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Benefits for Wild Souls

Fiscal benefits

You can deduct 80% of the annual fee of €120 in your income tax return!

For having shown solidarity with a charitable cause, €24 will be paid out of your own pocket and the rest (€96) will be forgiven by the State.