Laia Sanchez Golobart veterinarian

Laia Sanchez veterinarian of the Zoo of the Pyrenees

Name: Laia Sanchez Golobart

Role at the zoo: Veterinarian and educator, responsible for Zoo permits and animal registration.

In which activities will you find me: Guided tour / Petting zoo / The Zoo goes to the school

What I studied: Degree in Veterinary Medicine at the Autonomous University of Barcelona
I am a member of EAZWV

What I like: Walking, going to the beach, bird watching and travelling.

What I don’t like: Clutter and I get nervous when someone doesn’t understand my way of organising (a bit rigid…). I don’t like tomato either.

My personal challenge for 2023: Many animals arriving at the Zoo of the Pyrenees need a high level of veterinary care. I am desperately lacking an X-ray machine. It is worth about 鈧11,000. Do you want to help me raise funds to buy it? Here is the link: X-Ray Machine

Laia Sanchez’s life before the Zoo of the Pyrenees

Laia Sanchez Golobart childhood


Even as a child I loved domestic, wild and farm animals.

Laia Sanchez Golobart at the university


University internship on a pig farm: they are a lot of fun, but they shout a lot!

Laia Sanchez Golobart trainee veterinary surgeon

Internship in the USA

After graduating from university I interned at SeaWorld Texas.

Laia Sanchez Golobart with a dolphin

Internship in Spain

Internship at the Oceanogr谩fico of Valencia.

Laia's first job as a vet

Work in the Philippines

My first job as a wildlife veterinarian, at a wildlife recovery centre in the Philippines, Wildlife in Need Foundation.

Laia Sanchez Golobart veterinarian in England


My second job as a wildlife vet at the RSPCA, the largest wildlife recovery centre in England. The chicks are so cute!!!

The work of Laia Sanchez Golobart at the Zoo of the Pyrenees

Laia inspects a fox's ear
I am responsible for the health of the inhabitants of the Zoo of the Pyrenees refuge. In the photo I inspect the ear of Bitxo, a fox.
Laia Sanchez Golobart Wildlife veterinarian
I operate on animals that arrive at the rescue centre with serious injuries.
A wild boar
I control the diet of the animals. In the picture a young female orphaned wild boar.
Team formation
I provide ongoing training for animal caretakers.
Laia Sanchez Golobart represents the Zoo of the Pyrenees Foundation.
I coordinate natural environment conservation projects developed by the Zoo of the Pyrenees Foundation.
I am a teacher at the University of Nature. I offer courses for future veterinarians and veterinary assistants where students can gain practical experience.
Rescue centre
I lead and supervise the rescue centre. I coordinate the team of animal carers.
Laia Sanchez Golobart with microscope
I spend a lot of time analysing excrement (yes, poo) to detect animal health threats in time.
Guided tour
I accompany our visitors during guided tours and work with the pupils when they come to visit us with their school.
Research projects of the Zoo of the Pyrenees Foundation
I lead research projects at the Zoo of the Pyrenees.
I participate in the construction of the animal facilities.
Laia Sanchez Golobart veterinarian
The legal side of wildlife work is demanding and time consuming.