Sponsor Alfonso the Raven

Name: Alfonso

Species: Raven (Corvus corax)

Age: Born in 2005

Day of arrival: 02/11/2017

Where he came from: La Coma Wildlife Center

Why he lives in the refuge: Alfonso has grown up with people and considers the human race his species.

What he likes: Alfonso learned to talk like people and likes to call attention with his hoarse voice if he thinks we are not paying enough attention to him.

Dislikes: Abrupt changes in his environment.

The life of Alfonso the raven

Birth in the wild

Alfonso was born in a military base. A new airstrip for fighter planes was being built and a raven’s nest with small offspring was discovered while cutting the trees.

Childhood in a human family

A small raven came into the experienced hands of a falconer. He grew up at the falconers home and it is there that Alfonso learned to imitate the human voice.

Relocation to a new home

The falconer’s family situation changed and Alfonso needed a new home. He found it at the Wildlife Center la Coma in Piera.

Searching for a new home

After 12 years, La Coma Park closed its doors to the public and many resident animals needed a new home.

After a long administrative process, the animals arrived at the Zoo of the Pyrenees, among other Alfonso.

Psychic problems

Alfonso arrived with psychic problems. He was breaking his feathers, perhaps out of boredom, and looked like a black penguin. His wings had no feathers.


We tried several ways of handling, several locations, always keeping an eye out for the raven, until we found a facility near the entrance that he liked. He finally stopped breaking his feathers.


Today Alfonso showcases shiny feathers and surprises our visitors during the guided tour by flirting with them: 芦What’s up handsome?禄


During the pandemic in 2020 we had a scare. The rhythm of the confinements and deconfinements was very abrupt and he started to break his feathers again. Once the situation was over he calmed down and now his feathers are back in perfect condition.

What will your contribution be used for?

Alfonso is the representative of all the corvids that come to the Zoo of the Pyrenees. Regardless of whether they can return to the wild or whether they have to stay with us for life.

Who will you help?

Crows, choughs and magpies that cannot return to the wild due to permanent injury or because they are humanized.

Corvids that have suffered an accident and need veterinary care before returning to the wild.

Hatchlings of magpies fallen from the nest in the cities we care for while they need help. We release them into the wild, away from humans. That is where they belong.

Alfonso the raven has passed from one hand to another throughout his life. Help us to give him a home where he can live with peace of mind forever.

Thank you for your support!