Sponsor Wild Boar Ariel

Sponsor the wild boar

Name: Ariel

Species: Wild boar (Sus scrofa)

Age: Born in August 2014

Arrival day: 09/04/2014

Where she came from: From a farmer

Why she lives in the refuge: Ariel was abandoned by her mother.

What she likes: She loves people scratching her belly. Especially her beloved Eloi.

What she doesn’t like: She is bossy and doesn’t like other rescued wild boars approaching her.

The life of the wild boar Ariel

Her origin

The Wild boar Ariel was born in nature

Ariel came into the world on a field in Llobera. Just when her mother was in labor, a farmer was working on the harvest. In the midst of all the commotion, the mother wild boar escaped, leaving three little ones behind.

Arrival at the refuge

By sponsoring the wild boar Ariel, you will be contributing to the care of all the babies that arrive at the refuge.

The farmer took care of the babies until he decided to bring one of them to our refuge. We welcomed her with open arms and a lot of affection, becoming the first wild boar to be part of our family.

We give her a name

Sponsor the wild boar that was abandoned by her mother

Ariel was a troublemaker, she wouldn’t stop growling and screaming, and she would dive into the water whenever she could. What better name to give her than Ariel, in honor of the little mermaid who always sang?

Her childhood

Wild boar Ariel is looking for godparents

Little Ariel accompanied us every day, assisting in the construction of the facilities.


However, when she began to destroy the roads and vegetation we had planted, it was time to put an end to so much freedom.


Sponsor the rescued wild boar

We created a space for her and Eloi took her to her new home. During her transfer, Ariel complained a lot about feeling limited in her freedom. But she soon adapted.

Animal experience

Wild boar Ariel participates in the animal experience

Her need to be with people was one of the reasons we created the Animal Experience activity, where visitors can enter her enclosure to scratch her belly.

Unsustainable situation

sponsor the wild boar Ariel

Currently, Ariel shares her home with three other rescued wild boars. Ariel has a dominant personality and tends to intimidate others. We have to build a new, larger space.

Sponsor the wild boar icon

What will your contribution go towards when you sponsor Ariel the wild boar?

Ariel is the representative of all the wild boars that arrive at the Zoo of the Pyrenees.

We do not support the illegal behavior of stealing animals from their natural home, but we do help those who have invested their time and resources in saving the life of a wild animal. This is why we only take in rescued animals.

We do not release the wild boars, but rather provide them with a safe life in semi-freedom. Our commitment is significant, given that a wild boar can live up to 25 years in captivity.

What will you contribute to by sponsoring the wild boar Ariel?

Construction of the new space

The area will be 3,500m2 and will include an adaptation space for new wild boars, a 芦mud pool禄 and several huts.

Resident wild boars

Food supply, access to water not only for drinking, but also for mud baths essential for their well-being, and constant maintenance of the imperfections caused by wild boars in their habitat.


Given their size, it is essential to maintain constant interaction with them to closely monitor their health and, if necessary, administer medications or perform the annual sanitation required by the administration.

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Thank you for sponsoring the wild boar Ariel!