Sponsor Helen the genet

Sponsor Helen the genet

Name: Helen Keller

Species: Genet (Genetta genetta)

Age: Unknown

Day of arrival: 23/01/2023

Where she came from: Wildlife Center Torreferrussa

Why she lives in the refuge: Helen the genet was blinded after being hit by a car.

What she likes: Helen is very calm. She likes to explore her installation by walking 芦on cat’s feet禄.

What she does not like: Being touched.

The story of the genet Helen

Helen’s Arrival

Helen came from the Torreferrussa wildlife center.

Helen arrived from the Torreferrussa Wildlife Center.

They have saved her life and have healed the injuries she suffered by colliding with a car.

Unfortunately she lost her sight forever.

Her life at the zoo

Helen the genet

Helen came here to stay for life.

Without sight she cannot hunt enough to survive.

She currently inhabits the quail space.

Her caretaker is Stania.

New space

The veterinarian Laia moves the genet Helen to her provisional facility.

We urgently need to build a new facility for her, tailored to her needs.

We lack money.

Please sponsor Helen. We will use your money to build her new facility.


Her first night she climbed to the high branches of the quail lodge and it took her 12 hours to figure out how to get down.

She didn’t let us help her, she doesn’t like us touching her.

A pampered girl

Helen the genet is a pampered girl.

Helen the genet is a pampered girl.

She prefers to sleep with her blanket in a carrier than in the wooden houses that we have prepared for her.

She does not like to eat off the ground. We feed her out of hand.


Genet Helen in her provisional space.

A new installation adapted to her disability will cost 鈧2,000.

There is no time to waste. Sponsor Helen and help us ensure her the life she deserves.


Animals die on the roads every day.
Helen the genet was lucky to escape alive,
although she paid with her sight and her freedom.
Give her the life in captivity she deserves!