Sponsor the fox Nikki

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Name: Nikki

Species: Fox (Vulpes vulpes)

Age: Born in 2018

Arrival date: 22/09/2021

Where she came from: A private individual

Why she lives at the refuge: Nikki is too tame and humanized to go back to the wild.

What she likes: Nikki is very lively and loves to be in contact with people. She participates in the Animal Experience and also does educational field trips to schools.

Dislikes: She needs her quiet moments.

The life of Nikki the fox

Life before

The female fox Nikki was orphaned. She grew up in a house with a dog. When she started breaking electronics the caregiver looked for a safer place for her.


The caregiver taught her to walk in a harness.

Where she lives now

Sponsor the fox Nikki

Nikki lives in the part of the refuge that can be seen during the guided tour.

She cannot return to the wild because she is too tame.

Her life in the refuge

Female fox Nikki unable to return to the wild

Nikki enjoys contact with people. That is why she participates in the Animal Experience.

Her caretaker is Eloi.


Nikki observes people

Nikki the fox likes to be close to people, but prefers to watch them from above.

She often surprises our visitors with a 1.5 meter high jump. She climbs up to get a better look at the people.

A proud fox

Sponsor the fox Nikki

Foxes are proud animals. You can’t force them to do what you want.

But if you treat them with respect, magical moments can happen.

A curious animal

Sponsor a fox

Foxes are curious animals. Nikki is no exception.

You have to give her time and space and she herself comes over to see what you are doing.

What will your contribution be used for?

Nikki is the representative of all the foxes that come to the Zoo of the Pyrenees. It doesn’t matter if they can go back to nature or if they have to stay with us for life.

Who will you help?

Little orphans that we care for while they need help and are then returned to the wild.

Foxes that cannot return to the wild due to permanent injury or because they are too humanized.

Foxes that have suffered an accident and need veterinary care before returning to the wild.

El zorro Nikki es representante de todos los zorros que necesitan ayuda.

Show that you are not indifferent.
Sponsor Nikki and help the foxes that need your help.

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