Animal refuge in Catalonia

About us We are a refuge for unfortunate wild animals.

The Zoo of the Pyrenees Foundation is a non-profit organization. We take in and care for abused or injured wild animals. If possible, we return healthy and strong animals to the wild.

But sometimes returning them to the wild would doom them to certain death. In this case we give them a new home in our wild animal refuge. According to their disposition we make them participate in educational activities oriented to the public or we give them the opportunity to breed in captivity. Their young are released.

Our work

Animal rescue in Catalonia

Rescue and recovery of injured or abused animals

Protection of animals in Catalonia

Refuge for wild animals unable to return to the wild

Breeding and reintroduction of animals into the wild

Environmental education and awareness

Our purpose

Create a community that respects nature,
that understands the vulnerable balance that reigns over the environment,
a community that fights to protect it.

The protection of nature for us
means much more than discussing the problem.

It is a transformative life change.
It is the education of our children.
It is done locally, nationally and globally.

This is the heartbeat of the Zoo of the Pyrenees.

About us

If you want to know better who we are, click on the names of our team members. You will find a detailed description of each one of us and some funny photos. We hope you like it.


It all started with a family that wanted to help protect nature. There were 5 of us and we turned our house into an animal refuge.

Stania Kuspertova

Founder of the Zoo of the Pyrenees. Expert in birds of prey, mother of two sons and a daughter.

Eloi Arenas López

Founder of the Zoo of the Pyrenees. Wild animal expert, naturalist and communicator.

Martin Kuspert

He helped us immensely with the construction of the first facility, but you will not find Martin on our team currently. He went his own way.

Anna Kuspert

Anna is responsible for public relations and customer service. She studied the Degree in Translation and Interpreting at the UAB.

About us Zoo of the Pyrenees

Lukas Kuspert

Lukas still studies and helps us during the holidays. He take care of the animals and run some public-oriented activities.

Our current team

Every year more animals come to us searching for help. Also, the number of people who visit us increases. (Many thanks to all of you for this fact.) And consequently our team is growing as well.

Laia Sanchez Golobart

Wild fauna veterinarian and environmental educator. Laia mastered the Veterinary Degree at the UAB.

Jesús Rincón Gallego

Higher technician in environmental education and control, Higher technician in forest and natural environment management.

Xiloè Roigé Díez

Animal caretaker and environmental educator. Xiloè is a Higher technician in landscaping and rural areas.


The people who come to help us on days with a lot of visitors.

Paula Puig Esteve

Irene García Alcaide

Eloi and Encarna, Eloi’s parents

We do not have permission to post a photo.

And all of you


We do not receive any financial support from the administration for the rescue and maintenance of the animals. It is thanks to you that we can take care of them.

In return, we guarantee an unforgettable experience with native fauna.

Donations to protect animals


It does not matter your age, where you live or if you have financial resources or not. We can all help the wild animals of Spain.

You can make a one-time donation, become a member, or opt for a fun fundraising way.

Internships for veterinarians

Students & trainees

Throughout the year we welcome trainees. They help us to carry out daily tasks and are an important part of the team.


We heartily appreciate the selfless work of the people who make this world a better place for all living beings.

There are many ways to collaborate with us. Choose one that represents you or where you can best show off.


We work closely with the Generalitat de Catalunya.

We are a collaborating center of the Junta de Andalucía.

We collaborate with scientists in the field of environmental protection.

We ensure quality experiences with the Ecotourism seal of the Catalan Tourism Agency.

Our mentors include leading European naturalists and veterinarians.