Wild animal rescue center in Catalonia

We take care of both young and injured or sick adult animals. We do not distinguish between species, every life is valuable and we treat all animals equally. We care for animals that cannot return to the wild for life in our shelter.

Animals we rescue at the Zoo of the Pyrenees:



Vulpes vulpes

Common genet

Genetta genetta

Beech marten

Martes foina

Sponsor roe deer Nort

Roe deer

Capreolus capreolus

Please DO NOT TOUCH the fawns you find in the woods and/or fields. Even if they look weak and thin or neglected to you, they are not. Their mother is nearby and takes care of them.

If you touch them you condemn them to starve to death. Their mother won’t accept them if they smell like your hands. If you touch them and take them home, you are doing an act of raw cruelty! You are separating the fawns from their mothers.

European badger

Meles meles

European rabbit

Oryctolagus cuniculus

Red deer

Cervus elaphus


Ovis gmelini

European fallow deer

Dama dama

Wild boar

Sus scrofa

It is not our intention to encourage people to take baby wild boars from the wild and keep them as pets, and once they get tired of them bring them to us.

We only take wild boar calves and only in cases of a real rescue. Not in cases where a person has separated the calves from their mothers.


Eurasian collared dove


Pica pica


Garrulus glandarius

Common raven

Corvus corax

Common blackbird

Turdus merula

Red-legged partridge

Alectoris rufa

Carrion crow

Corvus corone

Other animals

If you have found an animal that is not on our list, send us photos of the animal by WhatsApp to 610 75 02 24. We will identify it and guide you on what you should do to help it.