Natural Communicator

Communication is a crucial tool in 21st century. We know a lot about animals and wildlife in general. Help us to share our knowledge.

What will your task be?

Correct and/or translate Stanias texts, the founder of Pyrenees Zoo (Zoo del Pirineu). She is Czech and, even though she is fluent in many languages, she has some shortage of the written language.

How does the Natural Communicator group work?

Stania writes a text on a particular topic This can be about nature, or it will simply be a post for the website.

The text will be sent to you by email. You will have maximum 3 days to prepare the text for its publication. Sorry for the urgency, the time runs fast, and we need to move forward very fast to achieve our goals and purposes.

The frequency in which you will receive text will be decided by you. The texts will usually have between 300 and 700 words.

Benefits of being part of the Natural Communicator group

Although you help should be selfless, we want you to feel that we appreciate your implication.

You will receive the volunteer certificate.

You can sign up for the Wild Souls Newsletter, a group of people who we hope will create a community of animated people in the future who will help us change this world.

If you are interested about, we can mention you in our social nets and in each website that you help to publish. If you are a professional, this may help you to obtain more clients.

Moreover, during you volunteer, we have some surprises for you.

Expiration of your volunteering

You can unsubscribe from your volunteering at any time. We understand that the personal situation can change unexpectedly.

Natural Communicator Volunteer form

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