Food for animals

Food for animals

Would you like to bring some food for our animals?

Collaborate and provide food for the animals of the Zoo of the Pyrenees.

What type of food do they need?

  • Dry bread
  • Raw meat
  • Fruits and vegetables

Some of the animals living in the refuge have a severed wing due to a collision with a power line, others have been shot… They will never ever run again, nor fly, etc.

We, humans, have already caused them enough problems. Now it is our turn to demonstrate that we are not indifferent to their suffering.

What is waste for you
can be an exquisite meal for our animals.

Food behavior statistic: Each person in Spain spends €250 a year on food which, in the end, lands in a waste bin.

That’s €1000 per family!

In other words: each of us each week throws ½ kg of perfectly edible food in the trash.

It would be a blessing for our animals to receive these leftovers.

Animal food bank

What type of food do we need? And in what condition it should be?

Food for animals

Dry bread

Dry bread and also crumbs that fall when you cut the bread. Please do not bring moldy bread. It could seriously affect our animals’ health.

Fruits for animals

Fruits, vegetables and nuts

They must not be necessarily in perfect conditions. If, for example, apples have worms, for the squirrel this could be a banquet.But they can not be moldy or rotten.



Raw meat, also big bones with a little bit of meat left on them. Shelf life may have expired But it can’t be rotten meat or meat with worms.

Transport of food for animals

How to get the food for animals to the Zoo of the Pyrenees?

Please bear in mind that our commitment to sustainability does not allow us to make the CO2 footprint associated with food transportation too high.

Private persons

Private persons

Take advantage of your trip when you come to visit us to bring food for the animals.

For example:

  • You can ask your local bakery to keep dry bread for you.
  • At the greengrocer, the cauliflower leaves that they would normally throw away.

Restaurants and merchants

Get in touch with us.

If you are from el Solsonès or el Alt Urgell:

  • There are members of our team who come to work from these regions every day. They can pick up the food and bring it to the zoo.

If you live farther away:

  • Tell us where you are from and we will find a way to get the food for the animals to the Zoo of the Pyrenees.

Other ways of collaborating with the feeding of the animals

Feeding all the animals in the refuge is large expense for us. If you care about animals, join the «Friends of Wild Animals» group. It is a community of people who with €1 a month participate in the purchase of food.

If we reached 1000 people joined the group, we could cover the basic expenses of feeding our animals.

Thank you my friend!
Your help means a lot to all of us.